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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Easy Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial

I just LOVE this fabric! Woodland Wonderland, by Jay McCarroll. He does a line for Free Spirit Fabrics. Check it out here. You might remember him from Project Runway. Anyways, I have had this fabric for a while and it has been waiting quietly for the perfect project. So the other day when I was going through my stash for a little inspiration, I came across this and some Minky. Perfect! I'm making a gift for a friend and if you haven't guessed already she is having a baby.

If you would like to make your own you will need:

2 yards of fabric #1 (lime deer)
1/2 yard of fabric #2 (lime hexagon)
1/2 yard of fabric #3 (lime ants on a log)
1 1/2 yards of pink Minky fabric

Wash to preshrink your fabrics.
Cut 4 - 8" strips of fabric #1 (8"wide by 45" long)
Cut 3 - 4" strips of fabric #2
Cut 8 - 2" strips of fabric #3

Take your 8" strips of fabric #1 and sew a 2" strip of fabric #3 on both sides. Next you are going to sew in your 4" strips. If you are working with a directional fabric like I did this is a good time to lay out and pin your strips in the order you will be sewing. It should go something like this:

2", 8", 2", 4", 2", 8", 2", 4"....etc.
Now iron all your seams flat. Try to iron the seams from your 2" strips out towards the larger strips. Then trim off any salvage so the sides are square.
Round your corners, and trim.
Top stitch your seams down. You can use a zig-zag or decorative stitch if you would like. I used a straight stitch. Note: This is something that is going to be washed a lot, so this step is an important one.
Lay your blanket top on the Minky fabric, right sides together, and cut the Minky to fit. I like to pin it together before I cut so nothing shifts. Set aside.
Now it is time to make your ruffle. Cut 8 - 4" strips of fabric #1 (4" wide by 45" long). Sew ends right sides together to make one long strip. Press seams flat. Fold ruffle in half, wrong sides together, and machine baste raw edge.
Hand baste or pin ruffle in between blanket top and the Minky, right sides together, and adjust ruffle to fit. Then sew all around edge leaving enough opening in order to turn right side out.
Turn right side out and pin opening closed. Top stitch all around the outer edge in order to keep the ruffle in place.
Now your done! What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. That is adorable, I've got the same pink fabric, I was going to use it to cover a chair, but my goodness it makes a fabulous blanket.

  2. Very cute- I love the combination of lime and pink


  3. Beautiful fabric - and you make it look so easy!

    Thanks for linking to A Round Tuit!

    Hope you have a lovely week!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. this would be a great baby shower gift! thanks for linking up this cute project!

  5. I love the ruffly edge, this is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just curious...what was the finished size of this adorable blanket?

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    material.Thanks for share with us.


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