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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hem a T-Shirt with a Twin Needle

Ever try to hem a t-shirt and and it came out a rippled mess? Try using a twin needle. I must admit my machine (which I have had a while)came with a twin needle but, I have only recently started using it. Just follow your machine’s operation manual for instructions on how to thread your twin needle and what presser foot to use. If your machine allows you to use a walking foot, use it the results are amazing. If not, don’t fret, my machine only allows me to use the standard “J” foot (I know how boring)and the results were still better than I had hoped for.

OK lets get started….

First, trim to ½ inch below desired length. If you like you can finish the raw edge with a zigzag stitch….or not. I didn’t in this example. For me it really depends on the garment I am working on.
One more note, don’t double-fold the hem it makes it to thick and the end result won’t lay as flat. Next pin or baste to the wrong side and make sure the pins are up and down. This will make your next step much easier.

Sew on the top side, with the pins underneath, and your presser foot lined up to the bottom edge. (This why you want your pins up and down so they will be easy to remove as you sew.)

Once you have sewn it all the way around, locked you stitch and pressed if you so desired. It will look like you never made the alteration!

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