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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It needed a little something....

I refashioned this shirt my son out grew of for my daughter, but it needed a little something, don't you think? This cause much debate (with said daughter) and indecision. Finally we can up with putting a flower where the V meets. Sometimes I give her way to much room to make decisions. What kind of flower you ask....Well if she had her way we would be going to Michael's and buying a big ugly silk flower that I would still not know how to attach. So when I found this Fabric Flower Tutorial on You Tube I was very excited! These flowers are fun and oh so easy to do. I made it into a broach because I wasn't sure how it would go through the wash, and I thought it would be best if was removable. Seeing I was already tempting fate with the bright red fabric.
The shirt was super easy to do. If you would like to make one for yourself just find a button down man's shirt (or boys) that is a few sizes too big.
  1. Lay the shirt flat and cut a straight line from one underarm to the other, save the sleeves, you will need them later.
  2. Unbutton the shirt and lay flat again, measure. Use that measurement and cut 2 inch strips from a coordinating fabric.
  3. Sew the first strip to the top of the shirt, wrong sides together. You want to do this because you are flipping it to the front instead of the inside, then top stitch. Then fold under the raw edge on the bottom and top stitch. This will make your casting for the elastic.
  4. For the second strip measure down to desired position. (I did an empire waist on this shirt.) Take your strip and iron in the raw edges. Pin to desired position and top stitch.
  5. Run your elastic through the casting and secure to ends.
  6. Add a snap. This will make the buttons lay flat down the back.
  7. Take the sleeves you put aside to make your straps. You can do regular over the shoulder straps if you like or the V strap like I did. The choice is yours.
So how's that for a hand-me-down...brother to sister! I just love upcycling!

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