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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Memory Quilt For My Dad

Today I was working on Memory Quilt, that my Mom and I have been making for my Dad. And it got me to thinking...What t-shirts say about a person.

Let's take my Dad for example:

His t-shirts tell us that he is a proud Grandpa, big sport fan, that he is patriotic, where he is from and where he has been. Even the ugly kacki shirt in the middle (though not a t-shirt) was a uniform shirt he wore for almost 25 years and the brown strip under it represents the pants. His quilt wouldn't be complete without it.

A quilt like this is like looking through an old photobook and can bring you back to certain time or place. Only you can touch and feel the fabric not simply look at it. It is truly amazing how clothes can stir up so much emotion. I can remember buying the grandpa t-shirts for him after my son was born or bringing back the beer t-shirt from a trip my husband and I took to Belguim. All fond memories of a great man.

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  1. What an awesome way to describe memory quilts! They are a whole lot like looking at a photobook, but oh such much more cuddly! :)


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