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Saturday, October 2, 2010


This morning I went yard saleing with my oldest son.  He is 9 and into Lego's.  He is constantly asking for Lego's, basically he wants all the sets they sell.  So to teach him the value of a dollar we set off to a community yard sales to find Lego's.  Just the 2 of us on the hunt for Lego's.  Of course we didn't find the buckets of Lego's he had imagined but we did find 2 of the sets that were on his wish list.  Brand new in the box for a $1 each I might add.  First score.

Our second score was for Momma.  All these goodies for a $2!  That's right $2!  I love when you find things you need but weren't looking for.  So what if it took us over 2 hours to spend $4.  The best part is now he wants to do it again next weekend.


  1. Wow great finds. I can't believe you found Legos. My boy is the same way except if I tell him they are expensive he usually replies with "When is grandma coming for a visit?"

  2. outstanding!!! i love the thrill of the hunt, especially when it ends in success!


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