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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sew Scrap Along

So, I joined the Sew Scrap Along over at Pleasant Home, and it got me to thinking about my own fabric stash.  Like most quilters I have quite the stash, but it is not organized.  I have piles everywhere.  This makes it hard to know what I have and even harder to start, or complete a project.  I must confess...I have a serious case of ADD when it some to sorting my fabrics.  My mind wanders and little gets accomplished.  That ends today!  Or I should say it ended last night. 

See this beautiful draw of fat quarters?  This is what I did last night.  I organized my fabric that had been either leftovers from past projects or fabric that had been given to me.  A quilter never turns down free fabric, but it tends to sit a round it it is not your style.  So, I cut the large pieces into fat quarters, folded them neatly, and arranged them into this draw.  Pretty huh?  Since, I am a visual person this should help remember what I have on hand.

After I finished cutting my fat quarters, I just couldn't control myself.  I still had more scraps.  So, I just keep cutting.  I cut strips 4 3/4" wide.  Then I cut those strips into triangles and started sewing. 

Those triangles turned into this....

.....and before I knew it I had a pile of these.

Of course, I have another pile of black, white, and red fabrics that are waiting to be part of Jodi's Sew Scrap Along.  I can't wait to get started.


  1. you're quite inspiring, lemme tell ya! guess what i'll be doing this weekend...

    oh and p.s. your accent even comes through in your writing ("draw") - do you also type "pahk the cah in hahvahd yahd"?? :)

  2. Good for you. I'm so bad with my scraps too. I like this drawer idea. Then you can shut it when you don't want to look at it and it looks less chaotic. Always trying to do that to avoid comments from hubby.

  3. Scrappy quilts are my first love! In my eye, they just have so much character. Jodi does have a great tutorial and I love what you are doing with your scraps!

    If I could stop buying fabrics, I would have enough fabric to my dozens of scappy quilts!

    Enjoy your new project,

    Oh yeah, did you use a template or did you just cut them freehand?


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