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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

Things in progress here in paradise.....

I am slowly but surely making some progress on my Scrap Quilt.  I love the way it coming along.  Sashing it with the white scared me a bit but I am glad I did.  The colors really pop.

Mainly I have been working on things for the craft fair this weekend.  I have all my bibs embroidered and I even thought of a cute way to package them.  Do you like?

Sorry not much else to report on but there is always the The To Do List (aka the things I wish to accomplish.)

Curtains for my daughters room
Scrap Quilt
Apple Core Quilt
Start a Memory Quilt for my oldest
Christmas Table Runner
5 Hooded Towels - Christmas gifts
Embroidered Coasters for Gram- Christmas gift

OMG when you put it on a list like this it gets real scary.  Good thing I adhere to a list like I follow a pattern.  Very loosely!  Let's just see where life takes us.  Till next time.....

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  1. That is a great use of your scraps! I agree...the white sashing really makes it "POP".

    I also love the packaging that you came up with for the bibs. Good luck at the craft fair!


  2. When I saw your scrap quilt, automatically, "Ohhhh..." flew out of my brain (well, first brain, then mouth). I can copy!!!!

  3. :) I can do that, I bet! So many scraps to sew. Thanks for the darling idea!

  4. Your scrap quilt is gorgeous! Good luck at your craft show! I'm sure the bibs will be a big hit!

  5. Loving that scrap quilt! I'm always a little afraid to put totally random colors/scraps together, but yours looks great!

    Good luck at the show, and thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! : )

  6. I am loving the white sashing and the bottles are so cute. Good luck at the show!

  7. Your scrappy quilt looks great! I love the sashing.

  8. The scrap quilt if great! The white makes it pop!

  9. I love the packaging for your bibs!! Good luck at the craft fair!!

  10. White is the perfect background for all those fun colors - you're absolutely right. The quilt looks so good and makes me wish I had the patience for that craft.


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