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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

The kids home from school this week, so that means this momma has been very busy with Shrinky Dinks, Bottle Caps and countless of other kid craft and activities. I have to admit I had a blast doing the Shrinky Dinks.  I haven't done those in years!  Sadly my oven doesn't have a "window" so the kids really didn't get the full effect, but they were still in awe when they came out much smaller.

Have no fear though, I have gotten a little me time in.  The baby does have to nap and the older two value there lives and know better than to bug me to much with nonsense.  Also, I have been bargaining in leftover Christmas cookies and candy canes.  :)

Which means I have finally had a little time to finished my scrappy quilt...well the top, anyways.  Do you like?  I love it! 

Once the kids are back in school I'll pick up the filler, the backing, and then I can start quilting it.  No need to bring all three kids to the fabric store if I don't have to.  There isn't enough cookies or candy canes in the world to make that worth it. 

I have also pieced more of the Miniature HST's.  I just love these things!  Seriously, these bad boys are addicting. 

When I told my husband he just laughed and asked "does that mean you won't be making any more flowers?"  Sorry babe, better luck next time.


  1. I love that quilt top. At first I didn't even recognize it as a kaleidescope block. I love the scrappy look and the white corners and sashing. I want to make one for me now. :)

  2. I am in love with your scrap quilt! What a treasure!

  3. The scrap quilt is amazing! Love it. I really need to do something like that.

    Oh, kids and fabric stores. Oil and water. Sadly, I don't usually have much of a choice. I think the ladies at my LQS cringe when they see us coming. : )

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! Have a great week and a happy new year.

  4. Wow, your scrap quilt is wonderful! And I love the HSTs...

  5. I love the scrap quilt...nothing like bright colours,,,

  6. Wow! Wish I had the patience!!! Love the quilt!


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