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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crayon Tinting

You may remember last week I was lucky enough to be a guest blogger over at My World - Made By Hand.  Here is my post if you didn't catch it the first time. 

Why am I posting it here again?  Well, I keep this blog for myself as well as for others.  So, I would like to archive this tutorial one along with my other ones.  I have a horrible memory and hate to reinvent the wheel every time I want to repeat a project.  Before I started this blog I was very much a sew as you go kinda girl.  At least now I can refer back for measurements and such.  :)


Hello, I am so excited to be guest blogging here at My World - Made By Hand.  My name is Ann and I quilt, craft and blog over at A Girl in Paradise

Today I am going to show you how to tint fabrics with crayons.

Here is a little of what you will need. 

First let's trace our image onto a piece of white fabric that is larger that you need, lightly with a pencil. 

 Not using a template or stencil?  How about printing out a digital stock image or *gasp* use an image from a coloring book.  (You might have to set up a diversion first, so the little ones don't know what your up to.)  Then just tape your image, and your fabric to a window and trace, using the window as a light box.

Gently color in your image, making sure not to pull the fabric.

That was fun, but now that we have to set it.  Take blank paper and put some under your fabric and over your fabric.  Set your iron to the hottest setting, and iron your image.  The paper will help soak up the melting wax and keep it from ruining your ironing board.

Now that you know how to tint your fabric think of all the possibilities. 

 My image is a tradition quilt block, so I machine quilted a black outline around all the petals and made it into a pillow.  I was even able to wash and dry my pillow cover without any problems, but if you are using lighter colors or shading you might want to throw a test block in the washer to see how it will come out.  My pillow did fade some, but that is the result I was looking for.

(Before and after washing)

I think it would be fun to try this in other craft and sewing projects such as hand on the hem of a skirt, on curtains or hand embroidery designs to hoop and hang on the wall.  In what projects would you use crayon tinting as an embellishment?   


  1. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I didn't realize crayon tinting was so easy. I just might have to give it a try.

  2. I think it is time to buy some crayons. Thanks for the tutorial

  3. I did this about 25 years ago for a quiet book for my daughter, but I colored on the paper (in reverse where necessary) and then ironed the drawing onto the fabric. Worked like a charm, although I never tried to wash it.



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