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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mosaic Monday - Quilt Backs

If you have been following Chasing Cottons, Quilt Class 101 you probably already know Rebecca is on to backing your quilts, and has asked for us to share some of our quilt backs.  

I must admit I love this new trend of piecing the back of your quilts.  When I first started quilting not much attention was paid to the back.  It was enough for me just to get through the front.  

Boy times have changed!

I must admit it wasn't till I started doing Memory Quilts that I even thought about the back, and if it hadn't been the abundance of scraps I found myself with, I might not have even given it a second thought.  Now when I design a memory quilt as much thought goes into the front as does the back. 

Piecing the back has also found its way into my regular quilting.  I love the challenge of taking the scraps, or leftovers, from the front and doing something with them on the back.  Piecing the back has also given me a creative way to incorporate a quilt label, which also something I never gave much thought to. 

I will be linking this up to Chasing Cottons link party.  If you have a chance stop by and check some of the other fabulous quilts that are there.

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