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Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Care For Your Quilt

I am sure like many of you that make quilts; you have been asked this question more than once.

So….How do you care for a quilt?

Quilts are typically made from 100% cotton fabric with cotton or cotton/poly blend batting and should be treated as an heirloom. The following recommendations should preserve the life of your quilt. It is important to limit the exposure your quilt has to light, heat and chemicals, as they will age your quilt.
Dry Cleaning is not recommended. Use a mild detergent in a delicate cycle for the minimum amount of time. Never use bleach. To keep colors bright and to prevent fading use the cold water settings on your machine. 
Using a dryer is not recommended, but if you must, use a low heat setting to tumble dry, or lay flat to air dry. Line drying could unevenly stretch out the quilt, so, it is not recommended.
Do not display your quilt in direct sunlight or consider rotating quilts through out the year. When hanging a quilt, a quilt sleeve should be attached. This will give your quilt enough support to prevent sagging and stress on the stitches.  Hang in a low traffic area wear quilts won't be touched.  Quilts are sensative to body oils and ciggerate smoke.

If storing on a wooden rack or hanger, do not let your quilt directly touch the wood. Oils from the wood could absorb on to the fabric and leave a stain. Separate the quilt from the wood by using acid free tissue paper or a piece of fabric.
Quilts (cotton) has to breathe, so never store in plastic bins, bags or directly on plastic coated shelving. It is best to store quilts between clean white cotton sheets, or in a clean white pillow case. Quilts that are going to be stored for any length of time should be taken out several times a year to be “aired out” so the quilt can breathe, then it should be refolded in a different pattern to prevent wearing in the crease.

In a perfect world it would be great if we could store our quilts on an unused bed, lay them flat and unfolded, with clean white sheet layered between them…..I can dream, can’t I?


  1. Great information! We're the beneficiaries of two quilting grandmas, so our family has seven pieced quilts and several more "sheet" quilts. The kids use them a lot right now, but I figure that's what they're here for, right?

  2. Adding to my to-do list airing out quilt in storage and laying tissue paper undermy hanging quilt. Thank for the great advice!

  3. What perfect timing! I was just thinking about asking this question on my blog for some advice! Thanks!

  4. Hi - just thought I would pass on an Apple Core Tutorial to you. It's wonderful how many different ways there are to put things together, and this one may interest you.


    The tutorial is on her blog on 21 July 2011 with another for Clamshells on 12 August 2011. Look at her blog entry for Aug 17 too for a completed Apple Core quilt Sue has made. I just love her work.

  5. thanks for sharing!!!! and linkin up


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