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Friday, August 5, 2011

Saying Farewell to the Farmers Wife

Regrettably, I think it might be time for me to say goodbye to the Farmers Wife.  I will be sad to see her go.  I have enjoyed her stories, and even tried to imagine what my own Great Grandmother would have written.  I wonder what she would have wished for her 3 daughters...and I wonder what she thought of the path that each of them took. 

My Grandmother was the city girl who preferred modern conveniences, and dressing well. The middle sister went to college and became a nurse, much to the displeasure of my great grandfather.  The youngest sister did in fact marry a farmer and enjoyed the simple life.  But they all lived very well in there own way.

Original set of Farmers Wife Blocks
It is not that I haven't really enjoyed this Quilt a Long, and learned a lot about template piecing, but it is a time management issue and a financial one.

This all came about because I was running out of the original fabric that I bought for this quilt and went to my LSQ to get some more and she was sold out.  Then I hit the Internet, and discovered that it is discontinued and very hard to find.  Curse you Moda!  *waves fists in air*  Why do discontinue your fabric lines so quickly?  I decided then that I didn't want to buy pieces here and there, and pay all that shipping on top of it.  For what?  What was I going to do with this quilt when it was finished?  I am not a huge sampler fan so I wouldn't be leaving it out on display.  Gift it someone?  Maybe, but who?  

So,then I decided I needed to take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes and new, brighter fabrics.

Did that, but you know what, I am still not feeling it.  My heart just isn't in it anymore.  Some how this makes me feel like a huge quitter.  Which I hate.  I am not a quitter and I try to teach my kids to always finish what they start, but right now I feel I must spend my free time with my family, and growing my blog.  Not the things that I don't have a passion for anymore.  I have a lot of ideas and things I would like to do but need the time to do them.  In life sacrifices must be made and priorities must be set.

Second brighter set
Good-bye Farmers Wife.  It was great to have met you, and I will never forget the lessons I have learned.  Not to mention, I now have a much greater appreciation (and love) for my rotary cutter and all those quilts that been passed down from generation to generation. 



  1. I don't think you are a quitter! I think you were brave and ready for adventure, you tried it and experienced it and now have the memories to take with you! :-)

  2. You're not a quitter. Things happen. Do what makes you happy! :)

  3. No, you're not a quiter...sometimes projects just don't work out. I would be more than happy to take your lovely quilt blocks off your hands. :) I LOVE samplers.

  4. You aren't a quitter! It's a bummer that you ran out of your original fabric. I don't blame you for not wanting to start the whole thing over.

  5. Don't feel like a quitter! Be happy! You have opened up hours of time in which you can make something you really do love! I think you should be applauded for moving on!

  6. You are definitely not a quitter! You got what you needed out of it, and you learned about template piecing. I'd say that's a win. You should check out Kati's blog From the Blue Chair - she just bowed out of FW and made a nice baby quilt from her blocks. It looked great.

  7. Now that my comment was eaten... You are absolutely not a quitter, but I can understand you feeling that way - some say I'm quite hard on myself too. ;) It's unfortunate that Hunky Dory is out of print, but you have made some gorgeous blocks and taken away what I think is the most important lesson from this QA. Enjoy your new found knowledge.

  8. Awe, you gotta do what you gotta do! I love what you've done, but would be frustrated with the fabric issues too.

    Now you've acquired some new skills you can branch out even further...and have lots of fun...cause that's what it's all about. =)

  9. Very interesting to read because having been away from internet access for a few days and now trying to catch on on all the blog posts in my Google Reader I was thinking 'if I see one more post about the Farmers Wife quiltalong, I'm going to press 'mark all as read.' I think you made the right decision!!

  10. for sale ? hehehe can you sent to indonesian ?


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