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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week has been a very productive, because of the nonstop rain, we have been in.  Which means I have been getting a lot of sewing done, but before we begin I want to share the mini quilt I received in the I {heart} the 80's Swap.  I actually got it last week and I can't believe I forgot to share.  I know, how horrible of me.  Anyways, Jenn of Jenn of all Trades made me this Awesome mini quilt for my collection.

New Projects:

Apple Core quilt – Well actually this has been on my "haven't touched in forever" list, but I have pulled it out and dusted it off because I had a brainstorm the other night, to make it go easier.  I took a lesson from the paper piecing hexi makers out there, but instead of using paper I am used heat resistant template plastic.  It doesn't melt when you iron it, so I was able to press some apple core and sew them together like one would sew together hexi's.  Now that I have figured out that it works I am planning to put a little tutorial together today and will share more tomorrow.

My First Quilt A Long - I have picked out my fabric and done the math.  Now I am just waiting for the mail man to deliver my fabric so we can begin.  I am making my 3 year old his first big boy quilt for his new room, and I thought it might be fun to do it together.   

On Going Projects:

Memory Quilt - I have made tons of progress here.  I have all my blocks put together and laid them out.  At first I was a little discouraged that my blocks were not coming out as I had envisioned, but now that they are all laid out I am full of hope again.  Now, I am going to leave it here for a few days move some blocks around till I am happy and then sew the quilt top together.

No Progress:
August Bee Blocks
2010 Scrap Quilt

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  1. What a cute pac-man quilt -- fun! Your blue memory quilt is going to be so sweet!

  2. Apple core piecing looks challenging to me! But such a pretty finished product. Good luck! And I love the Pac-Man quilt! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  3. The pacman mini made me smile ear to ear!

  4. I saw someone with a pacman shirt on the other day and thought it would make a nice quilt and then I see this on your blog! So cute!

  5. You are such a lucky swap partner! Love the PacMan.

  6. That PacMan quilt is awesome! You certainly got lucky. That wait on the mailman sure can feel like forever when you're itching to get started on a new project.

  7. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.


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