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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Little Quilting....

I must admit there hasn't been much sewing going on around here lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been tinkering around with some scraps.  When I am in a slump creatively I always seem to revert back to mindless scrap quilting.  You know, the type of sewing that requires little or no math, and a layout that doesn't require a design wall.  Just a pile of scraps and some white. That way there you don't have to worry about the wrong colors touching each other.
So now after a week of a some fabric therapy, these bright happy colors have inspired me, and lifted my spirits. I have remembered why I love to quilt and why I like to blog about it. I have remembered that I do this for me and that it is OK that I don't have a finished quilt to share with you every other week.  I mean really!  Who can keep up with that kind of schedule and still have time to enjoy life?

I don't really have a home for this quilt... I was thinking of gifting it to a friend of my sister that is having a baby this winter, or maybe I will list it in my Etsy Shop in order to support my growing fabric addition.  I am not quite sure but hopefully by the time I am done with it I will know what to do.  I do know that I picked up an awesome print for the back at my local quilt shop yesterday and this afternoon I will be busy layering this bad boy and getting it ready to be quilted. I am thinking straight line quilting on the diagonal...

One other thing that has relaxed me this week has been the ironing.  You know how I love to iron so this should be no big surprise. I was very careful about the direction the seams were ironed and how they would lay.  This result of this has made this quilt lay perfectly flat and the blocks lined up flawlessly.   This makes me a very happy person!


  1. It's beautiful, I like the bright colors! I like scrappy!

  2. It looks wonderful! It always feels so good to use up scraps too.

  3. Awesome, it's so refreshing to see someone quilting just for the fun of it, not just because they have to for their blog or because a designer or manufacturer or store gave them some fabric. And I agree, quilting is for fun, I think being under the gun to finish a project ruins the creativity and enjoyment many times.

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Great colors! I enjoy blogging about my quilting too. I can't make a quilt a week either, but I enjoy posting about the process: The cutting, the piecing, a picture of the quilting etc. I like to go back and see my thought process. I also like to see other quilter's process. It is fun to watch their quilts grow and then to see the finished project once it is completed. Can't wait to follow this quilt on it's journey. :)

  5. Rather than focusing on block designs, this quilt lets each pretty fabric shine alone. As a self-confessed fabricaholic, I love it! So many fabrics speak for themselves and this quilt lets them sing!


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