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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Sunday Stash Report

This weekend, in an attempt to finish my faux string quilt, I headed over to my Local Quilt Shop to get some more Kona Snow.  I didn't even know if she would have any in stock, (as she doesn't stock much of the Kona solids), but I figured it was as good of an excuse as any to go look at fabric.  Thankfully she had just enough left on the bolt.  It must have been my lucky day. 

While I was there I spied some Minky that she had on sale.... 40% off?  Yeah, that always deserves a second look.  Brown and aqua polka dots had been my original plan for the back, but some soft and comfy aqua Minky?  Umm... I think I might need to reconsider.  Sure, why not, I'll give it a try.  I am a little concerned on how it will machine quilt, but she assured me that as long as I use a walking foot it should go pretty smoothly.  Have any of you ever used minky as a backing for a quilt?  Do you have any suggestions or tips for me?  If not, wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes.

Besides, why should Minky just be reserved for babies?  I want to snuggle under a comfy Minky throw this winter, as well.  :)


  1. Minky shifts like crazy... I always quilt with a walking foot, minky side up, and use 505 spray to help keep it in place!

  2. Funny you should post this. I am using minky right now on a baby quilt, and guess what, this is my first attempt at free motion quilting. It's SO EASY! I am having no shifting like Jennyroo said..it's pinned about every 8-10 inches. There are many different kinds of minky..mine is from Chenille Magic. No problems whatsoever :)

  3. I have never used minky but I have used polar fleece to cut down on time and expense when making a quilt - no wadding just front and fleece. The fleece went through easily provided I went slow - my machine has a half speed button and a walking foot. I also didn't do too many corners, just let the fabric flow under the foot and gently turned it. I think I ended up with on little spot that was a bit messy but was happy with the overall result and this was my second attempt at quilting.

  4. I've made one quilt with minky (54.5" x 54.5") and didn't have any problems with it. I sewed straight lines with a walking foot, went slow, and had the minky on bottom. I don't show much of the back, but you can look at a post about the quilt here, http://bearlysewing.blogspot.com/2011/05/bloggers-quilt-festival.html

  5. I really like the blues and brown combo you are working with. And I agree soft and snuggly is for anyone!! Can't wait to see the result!

  6. I love minky!! So soft and cute. And everyone should have a cuddly blanket!

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