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Friday, February 3, 2012

Modern Triangles QAL {Assembling your Quilt Top}

Now that we have made our triangle units let’s discuss our layout options and how to assemble our quilt top.

Layout Options


One of your options is to keep all your colors together in rows.  I like the look of this but unless you are making a bigger quilt, or have more of the solid fabrics, the 4 solid fat quarters will not give you enough width and will give you a long skinny quilt.


Your next option is to go random for that all over scrappy look.  I like this one a lot and you can use all but 2 of your triangle units.  More bang for you buck as they say.


Another option is to lay it out in more of a pattern so the diamonds really pop.  The only thing with this layout is you will have 8 left over triangle units.  It doesn’t bother me because I plan to use mine when I piece the back.  I just wanted to let you know in case this is a concern for your and then you can make your decisions accordingly.  This is also the layout I will be going with for the rest of this QAL. 


Here is a picture of the diamond pattern in case you had trouble seeing it before.

Note: If any of you found that you had extra printed strips, I apologize, I forgot that had cut extra strips for a practice run. I have edited the previous post. You should have cut 6 – 2” strips from each printed fat quarter, for a total of 48 strips. If you have already cut the extra strips, fear not, they will not go to waste, we can incorporate them in to our pieced backing next week.

Assembling Your Quilt Top


First, I numbered my rows (with a water soluble blue marker) 1&2, 1&2, 1&2, because each row 1 is the same and so is each row 2.  This will help me keep my pattern when I am joining my rows later.


Then because we are dealing with triangles that go up and down and not blocks that go side by side, I chose not to stack my rows, but instead I pinned the rows together right from my design wall.


Line up 2 triangles at a time and sew together using a 1/4” seam.  The first 2 triangles sew together easily, then the ones after that you have to make sure you open the seam on the previous set so it is not sewn to one side.  You will need to have these seams open for when you iron or you will end up with knots at your points when you sew together your rows.


This is how your back of your row will look with your seams ironed open.


Now it is time to sew your rows together.  Sew row 1 to row 2, then sew those units together till you have a completed quilt top. 

Quick hint: To get your points to line perfectly here is a little trick I learned years ago when I was a beginner quilter.  Stick a pin into both points and secure.  Do this for all your points and sew your rows together with your 1/4” seam allowance.


Cut off any ears or tags to reduce any bulk in your seams, then iron your seams open.


This is how your points should look after you have ironed your seams flat.


Last but not least, square up the sides of your quilt with a ruler and rotary cutter. 

Quick hint: I like to use my large 17 1/2” square that I bought for t-shirt quilts.  I have found that it works great in getting nice crisp corners.


Now we have a completed quilt top.

Join us again next week week and we will be piecing the quilt back using some of the left over triangles and fat quarters. If you have any question or concerns about this Quilt Along, please let me know.

Also, don’t forget to check our blog roll on the side bar. Keep up to date with the other bloggers involved in this quilt a long. Want to be added?  It is not to late.  Just leave a comment below and add the Modern Triangles QAL button to your blog.


  1. Looking good...I hope I like mine as much...lol

  2. i'm so glad you opted to use a variety of color for the solid pieces, it just looks so good and i would've never been able to picture it this way in my head without your pics.

    the quilt so far has a retro vibe to it that i really like! wish i had the time to do this one with you.

  3. That looks great!! I'm not QAL-ing, but may have to add this to my "to do list"! Love the 3-D affect!

  4. There's an optical illusion feeling to that, depth because of the colors. It looks wonderful, thanks!


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