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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday…

Um… not so much. 

I have this dream.  You know the one.  It is the one where the kids are playing quietly, my devoted husband is taking care all the household responsibilities and I have uninterrupted time to sew for hours on end.  Fulfilling all my quilting dreams and desires. 

Instead, in the real world, the kids are never playing quietly and if they are there is always one child who is starving and must be fed immediately.  And that devoted husband of mine?  Where is he?  Work.  Real work.  That unfortunately for me, paid work comes first.  

This little creative outlet of mine is a hobby.  Sometimes I have to remember that.  Which is hard.  Blogging and all things crafty is my therapy and keeps me sane.  Like eating, and a little daily exercise it is a required activity that keeps me off the nearest ledge contemplating my next move.

Can any of you relate? 

I am a live in the moment kind of girl.  I like to create when inspiration strikes, but that has been my biggest problem lately.  Inspiration strikes and I am otherwise occupied. 

Case in point is this blog post.  Originally I had planned to write up a blog post of what I have going on this morning.  Which sadly, is not much.  Now it is almost 8pm and I am just sat down to the computer.   My poor blog has been seriously neglected for the past couple of weeks.  Not to mention my quilt and swap commitments.  Sorry for that.  I will eventually get my stuff together and get back to regularly scheduled programming.  Promise.

This is not what I had originally planned for my post and by no means is a woe is me post.  This is just the result of an overworked mother of three who needed to vent just a little. 

Thanks for listening.  I needed that.  Feeling better already.


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P.S.  Some of you might find this amusing.  As I sit here re-reading what I have just written making sure I have crossed all my t’s and dotted all my I’s.  I have been informed that the toilet has overflowed.  Of course.  Sadly, it is in the bathroom I cleaned yesterday.  Go figure.  So, please ignore any grammatical mistakes as I am just going to press the Pulish button and move on to what needs my attention right now.  A clogged toilet.


  1. I am giggling, because I just had a second round of I need to go tothe bathrooms after putting kiddos to bed, followed by a "the toilets clogged!". Fortunately hubby's fixing it now. Lol.

  2. So totally understand where you are coming from.. minus the three kids part. For me it's a hubby, full time job and two doggies that have been keeping me from the sewing machine. And they come first. And I'm ok with that. But I miss my sewing... and for me it's also my stress relief or therapy! Hope you get some sewing time soon!

  3. I TOTALLY know!! I have the same wishes as you but my goodness my children are always hungry!! And as I'm typing I literally have one sat on my feet and the other curled round my neck!! Better go put them to bed so I can sew a little ;) xxx

  4. Poor thing! This is why I don't clean. :>

  5. :) Just like toast always lands butter side down a dirty toilet never floods. (The moral of that story is less cleaning = more quilting!)

  6. My quilting buddies and I have a similar dream. We are at the cabin (where we meet to quilt) and have an unlimited supply of all the essentials - fabric, thread, batting, equipment, etc. While we spend all of our time sewing and chatting, Raul (our imaginary beefcake) serves us food and drink and keeps everything cleaned up. He's also needed for massages when we get tired.

    Obviously, we have a very active fantasy life!!



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