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Monday, July 9, 2012

Building Blocks with Friends - Jenniffier from Jenniffiers Sometimes Creative Life

Hi I am Jenniffier.

I am a teacher and I live with my two German Shepherd dogs and my loving husband. I blog over at Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative LifeI started quilting in my teens, but took a long break to go to school and become a teacher. One day I decided to start quilting again. It was intended to be a way to de-stress and to have something to define me other than being a teacher. After reading lots of quilting blogs and getting back into quilting I decided to start blogging too. My blog is a place where document my sometimes creative life, often it is about quilting, but sometimes it is about photography, cooking, gardening, and my life in general. Oh yeah and sometimes there are other random ramblings and sometimes it is kinda quite over there because I like everyone else I get busy with lifeIn addition to writing my own blog, I am also the leader of the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild, and often write on the blog over there. 

I am super excited to be sharing a fun tutorial with you today. Today I am going to be sharing a tutorial for a Modern "string" log cabin block. This will be a two for one tutorial. It is a mixture of the classic log cabin block and modern string quilts. 

Modern "string" log cabin table runner up close

Ok, so I know that looks like a lot of little pieces all sewn together, but before you run away, let me tell you something. I love the look of little string piecing, but I have very little time for quilting so I figured out a way to make it go quicker using strip piecing. I kind of got the idea from Gwen Marston's Liberated Quilting. My mom went to a retreat with her and she was making strata, which is putting lots strips together and cutting at an angle. I used the idea to help me create this block, but put my own little twist on it.

So let's get started. First you will need a pile of strips ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2". This block is a great way to use up your scraps. Or of course you could just cut 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch strips of your fabric of choice.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Then we are going to take them and sew them together.

Tutorial for "String Quilt"

After you sew them together, just finger press and just keep going. Don't worry if the length are different. We will use the longer pieces again later. 

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Keep going until it is at about 12 inches long or so. Give it a quick press and then take it over to your cutting mat and trim it up. Save the longer pieces. They can be use to make another strip pieced block.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

You are going to want to make at least two of these to make the four blocks. If you want to make more blocks make more strip/string pieced blocks. 

Now here comes the fun part. Cut each of those strip/string pieced blocks into 1 1/2" strips. 

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Make sure you turn it on it's side so you are getting just a little bit of each string. 

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Now that we have our "strings" it is time to cut the other pieces. For first block you need a 4 inch square and a 3 inch strips. For the second block you will need a 7 1/2  inch square. You blocks should turn out 8 inch finished. 


Let's start with the first Modern "string" log cabin block. This is just like making any other log cabin block. You are going to start with your middle square and sew on one of your "string" pieces to one side.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Then trim and press.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Then take your extra part of your string that you just cut off and sew it to the next side.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

 If your "strings" have become too small just set it to the side and grab one of your longer pieces.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Sew, trim, press repeat until you go all the way around.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Now it is time to add you 3 inch strips in the same manner. Start on one side sew, trim, press. 

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Then keep going all around until you have your finished block.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Now it is time for the second block. Take the 7 1/2 inch square and your 1 1/2 inch string strips. You are going to do the exact same thing as the blocks before. Start on one side and sew the string to your square.


Then sew press repeat on each side.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

If your strings are too short you can sew your left over pieces back together to make a long enough string strip.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

Well there you go, two modern "string" log cabin blocks.

To make the cute little table runner, make two of each  block, then sew them together, add a long scrap batting and backing.

Tutorial for Modern "string" log cabin block.

And you too can have a darling modern "string" log cabin table runner for your house.

Modern "string" log cabin table runner.

Or of course put a lot more of them together to make any size quilt you want.  Now that you know how to make this style block, you could change the sizes and personalize it just for you.

Thanks for letting me visit over here. It was a lot of fun to share a project with you. If you have any questions, want to see more tutorials, or just want to see what else I am up to come visit me over at Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative Life.

Thanks Jenniffier, what a great block.  I love that this block utilizes those left over fabric scraps that we all have stashed away, and I am always a fan of a white background.  It gives your table runner a bold modern look. 

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Building Blocks with Friends. If you are interested in showcasing your block here, just let me know, I would love to hear from you.  

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  1. Ohhh, thanks a bunch for that nice tute! I'm saving it to my favorites for soon-to-be made for my own table!

    1. I am glad you liked. It really is super fun and easy. Hope you enjoy making it for yourself

  2. I know it's been a long time since you posted this tutorial but I have started strip piecing and want to make a small quilt! Thank you sooo soooo much...it will be my first attempt at a modern quilt.


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