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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cathedral Window Pincushions

To make these cute little Cathedral Window Pincushions I used this tutorial from Riley Blake Designs, but of course, I had to tweak it a bit. I like to add crushed walnut shells to my pincushions because they keep your pins clean and sharp and the crushed walnut shells add a little weight to the pincushion so it stays put on your sewing table. If you have ever had a pincushion just filled with poly-fil you know will know what I mean.


So, to make things easy and because I didn’t want to rework the entire tutorial, I just made a little crushed walnut shell pouch to put inside my pincushion.


To make my crushed walnut shell pouch I cut two 4” squares of muslin and two 4” squares of some cotton batting.  Layering the muslin squares in-between the two squares of cotton batting I sewed around the edges leaving an opening to turn right side out, similar to making any pillow.  Once the pouch was turned right side out I filled the pouch with crushed walnut shells, and sewed the opening closed. 

Tip – I like to use the cotton batting because is reduces the grainy or bumpy feel of the crushed walnut shells.


After making my pincushion as instructed, I inserted the crushed walnut shell pouch and secured it into place using some embroidery floss and a button. 


Using poly-fil I finished stuffing the pincushion to the desired fullness.


Then I used an invisible ladder stitch to sew the pincushion closed. 

All done! Now you have your very own cute little cathedral window pincushion filled with crushed walnut shells. Enjoy!


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  1. I am going to try this next time I make this pincushion! I do use the crushed walnut shells in my birdpincushions. I love the weight that it gives.
    Thanks for the tip to put the button on before closing it up!!
    Your pincusion is so very pretty!!


  2. Thanks for the cool idea!! I feel very lucky to have one of these lovelies;)

  3. They are so cute...I made one of those too.

  4. Such great tips and they are super cute!

  5. Great idea Ann!! I love my pin cushion!!


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