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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stepping outside my comfort zone…

I have been thinking a lot lately about improv piecing.  As quilters we all have our strengths, be paper piecing, applique, or patchwork.  Improv piecing is not mine, for me it is definitely patchwork or paper piecing.  I enjoy the precision, the rules, and lack of chaos.  Trust me I have enough chaos in my life. 
PicMonkey Collage
But every once and a while we have to challenge ourselves and jump out of our comfort zones even if it only for a brief moment.  So, when putting together the quilt back for my current quilt project I decided to make it a personal challenge to only use the scraps that I left over from the quilt top and piece something together for the back.  There was definitely some trail and error along the way, and a few choose words as ripped out seam after seam, but I am happy with the results even though my husband response was that it wasn’t my best work.  It may not be but that is OK too.
PicMonkey Collage2
I looked at this whole project as the perfect opportunity to try something new.  The quilt top may or may not be considered improv but for me it was all about trying something new.  Every once in a while we need that project with no destination or home in mind so we cam spread our wings and see which way the wind takes us. 
This project started with a large print fabric that was discontinued that I didn’t quite know how to incorporate into a quilt.  I did not have a clear plan when I started this quilt and since I could not buy any more of the fabric or others that were the line, I had to make do with what I had.  Ultimately, I decided to pair it with some solid fabrics.
The vision of of this quilt has changed quite a bit over the past year and as I prepare to quilt it I find myself once again unsure of how to proceed…
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  1. It looks really fun! I'm with you, all about the rules and improv frightens the life out of me. Just not into it but it always looks cool! I know you'll do a great job quilting it... try something new again ;)

  2. I love your improv! I think improv can be really fun, but it definitely requires letting go... which I almost find soothing. The colors in this quilt are also spectacular!


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