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Monday, June 24, 2013

My new to do list...

So, the unthinkable happened yesterday... I ran out of thread.  Not just my fancy new Aurifil thread that I love so much, but all thread.  When I tell you that I have used up every last bit of thread in the house, I mean every last bit, including last remnants of Coats and Clark that I had left over from my days when I use to garment sew, and that was pre kids and ages ago.
How does this happen to someone who sews almost everyday?
I was so upset I almost put the kids in the car to go buy some more, but thought better of it when I realized 3 kids in the car, and torrential rains probably wasn't a good mix.  Instead I decided to clean out my sewing room and to make a list so I could get everything that I needed all at once.
1. Thread.  Can't do anything without that.  Place an Aurifil order online, but will still need to buy a spool of Guttermans in the meantime to curb off the withdrawals. 
2. Buy a yard and half of white kona to back my negative space quilt.
3. Measure and buy enough batting for my Hello Sunshine quilt top that has been done for a while and is ready to be quilted.  
4. Again with the thread, I was actually quilting this one when I ran out of the thread.  This quilt top has been sitting in the unfinished bin for a while now, and the thing that frustrated me the most was that I finally got off my tush and ordered the backing fabric that I needed and almost couldn't find any more.  Thank goodness for the Etsy seller that still had the 2 yards that I needed.
5. Fusible fleece and a zipper, then this cute little pillow I made with a Noteworthy charm pack will be done.  

I am off to the store, list in hand, but wish me luck, I am going to have to bring all the kids to the store with me...

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  1. Oh is there anything more frustrating than running out of thread?! You have some gorgeous projects happening - hope your thread orders arrive soon!

  2. Incredible! I bet at one point you thought you would NEVER use all the thread. It's a feat to be proud of, and now you can just buy good stuff :)... LOVE the negative space quilt too!

  3. You poor dear! I cannot imagine! Having several small bins of various sizes and types of threads, that would surely never happen at my house. Too bad you don't live just a wee bit closer! If I may, let me suggest a place to buy discounted Aurifil. It's J. Hittle Sewing, and has the best prices I've ever found... not only for Aurifil, but lots of other quilting and sewing items. I'm not affiliated with the company in any way; just a happy customer.

  4. Running of out thread is as serious as running out of sugar for sweet tea!


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