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Friday, June 28, 2013

New Fabric Friday - Love By Hand

There is a new weekly feature over at Love By Hand that I wanted to share with you.  It is called New Fabric Friday.  It is a weekly link up where you can share the new fabrics that you have added to your stash, because let's face it we all love fabric just as much as we love sewing it together. 
Love By Hand
I meet Christen last year at Sew South and was instantly impressed.  She has such a passion for life and for what she does I couldn't help but think that this girl is going places.  She has already been featured in a few publications and has teamed up with some other bloggers to host The Christmas in July Sewing Challenge presented by Sew Lux Fabric

After the thread crisis I had this week I didn't add any new fabrics to my stash, but I did add some new threads.  I purchased some cool variegated threads by Superior and a pair of Grab-A-Roo's gloves for machine quilting.  I thought the variegated thread would be a nice addition to my negative space quilt that I have been working on.  Also, I am in the process of doing some research and comparing the different threads to see what I like and what I don't like.  I will keep you posted.     
Of course, I did place an online order for some more Aurifil, but it hasn't come in yet.  In the meantime I purchased a few spools of my faithful Gutermann to make it through till my order comes in. 
All this talk has of thread has made me wonder... What is your favorite thread? and would you like to see a comparative review of some of the threads that are out there?   

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  1. Ann I just love you! Thank you for your sweet words. I just loved meeting you at Sew South and I can't wait until we can sew together again. I'd love to hear more about threads! I have heard a lot about Aurifil and different weights, but I have been hesitant to purchase before I know what the best uses are for which weights, etc.

  2. I love Aurifil thread in the 50 wt, but I have not done a ton of experimenting. I would love to read about your thread journey! I can't wait to see your negative space quilt all together.

  3. I love Aurifil, I really do. All the weights I've used are brilliant and it lasts ages!! Plus very little lint compared to other brands. And they haven't paid me to say that, it's all true!!

  4. A blogger did an interesting piece on threads last year. While Aurifil is so many quilters' favorite, my Pfaff does not like it. The thread just continues to shred and break. I love Superior. I have to order it online but they have a color chart so it works out okay. Mettler and Gutterman are decent (for my machine) local choices but they produce more lint in my machine than most. I hope you post your findings.

  5. I am dying to try out some Aurifil myself! I have mostly worked with the Gutterman so far. I do like Superiors Bottom line for bobbin thread. Pretty fine, and your bobbin last forever.

  6. Without a doubt, and after years of trying different threads, Aurifil is my go-to brand. That said, I won $300 worth of YLI thread, so I do use that for piecing and machine quilting. (No chance of ever running out of thread in MY sewing room! ) I'd be interested to know what you think of those gloves. Though I've also tried a couple brands of gloves, including the $3 run-of-the-mill gardening gloves (which work nicely, by the way), for myself, I've settled on using Neutrogena hand cream. It's not only good for gripping your quilt while not leaving any residue behind, it's also good for your hands. Plainly, it's easier to quilt without gloves than with them. Enjoy figuring out what works for you. It's part of the long process of learning how to make lovely quilts.


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